Nova Ruth

Nova Ruth Setyaningtyas is a live-artist. Not only written and sung, her lyrics are messages and guidance for her daily life. Born in Malang, East Java, Nova wrote lyrics about environmental and women issues. She started Legipait Coffee Shop in 2011 to hold music showcases and exhibitions for her surrounding artists in her hometown. Because she grew up singing in a church, reciting Qur’an, playing gamelan and singing Javanese pentatonics, her tunes represent her multi religious family. First lyrics with duo-female emcee Twinsista, Otak Asap, spoke about pollution in her surroundings caused by industry and irresponsible behaviour. From there on, she hasn’t stopped becoming part of the voice of nature. With her partner Filastine, Nova decided to hike down her mountainy hometown to the sea, enriching her recent project, Arka Kinari, the cultural sailing vessel. She is now voyaging the Indonesian water to share live performance from the deck of Arka Kinari, workshops, and live music sessions onboard with emerging local musicians, all powered by the wind and the sun. Also, she is also the co-founder of The Women Of the Seven Seas that aim to connect women from all aspects of maritime life.

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